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Making Green Business Grow

April 17, 2018by Tamanna Mohapatra   If you’re an eco-minded entrepreneur looking for the next great “green” idea, you may take some inspiration from a trio of local small businesses that hold sustainable values at their core. Starting a business, green or otherwise, has rewards and challenges. Fortunately, there are resources available through New York State, and inspiration from these local business owners that can help in the pursuit of a green dream.   Saint Seneca: Supporting Independent Artisans With a name inspired by the intersection of the two streets on which it’s located in Ridgewood, Queens, Saint Seneca is a lovely curio store that sells local artisan goods. Ridgewood local Yuka Anziano founded the business in the summer of 2015, with money inherited...

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Another lovely article about Saint Seneca

Locally made gifts at Ridgewood boutique  BY MARIA GOTAY @RidgewoodTimes   If you’ve walked down Cypress Avenue in Ridgewood lately, you might have noticed a cute little storefront between Putnam Avenue and Madison Street. Saint Seneca, an aptly named verbal sandwich of the two trendy Ridgewood Avenues Cypress lays in between (St. Nicholas and Seneca), is the neighborhood’s newest and best maker’s boutique, featuring handcrafted goods from artists in Ridgewood and beyond. Saint Seneca is the brainchild of Yuka Anziano, a longtime Ridgewood resident who dreamed of being able to share the treasures of the neighborhood’s artists in a curated space. Saint Seneca opened in November, adding to the list of new businesses that make Ridgewood a place to...

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